Load Control Unit

The ELS-CU series overload control unit provides an easy connection to industrial control devices while integrating with the Load Cell product. It is a robust and quality control unit designed for use in cranes with 4 relay outputs.

Description :
                                                       Load  Control  Unit  Properties
Connection Voltage
220 VAC, L, N, Grounding
Sensor Input
2 Pieces of Panel Input 
4 Relays, RL 1, RL 2, RL 3, RL 4
High Sound Warning
When RL1 is triggered, it gives intermittent sound warning, visual warning is recommended in the cabin.
Relay Position
All output relay positions can be adjusted.
​RL 1-2-3 joint COM, RL 4 single.
24......220 AC-DC
Operation Temperature
-20.....+55 oC
Analog Output
0.......10 VDC, 4......20mA (Optional)
Loadcell Weight
2,1 kg.
Load Control Unit Weight
0,39 kg.
Loadcell Cable Length
5 mt.